Who Are We

Objective World is a young vibrant MSC Malaysia Status company specializing in research, development and commercialization of software that manages and visualizes information over the complete lifecycle of buildings, facilities, and infrastructure. Our flagship product, xD Building Lifecycle Enterprise Suite, comprises a range of seamlessly integrated modules which provide functionality from initial planning and conceptual design phase all the way through design and construction to facility maintenance and operations management.

What's New

New Product Announcement. We are proud to announce the release of our new xD Sustainability Manager for management of requirements and credit points associated with green building rating systems, such as LEED, Estidama, Green Star and Green Building Index. xD Sustainability Manager is a centralized web based collaborative tool with features including change tracking and notification, integrated discussion board, integrated document library and sustainability rating scorecard.
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Langmead AssociatesxD Sustainability Manager Release Announced at Dubai FM Expo 2011. In collaboration with our partner in the Middle East, Langmead Associates, we have showcased version 1 of our new green building tool, xD Sustainability Manager at the Dubai FM Expo 2011. Download our press release and view the interest generated from the press in the links below:

xD Sustainability Manager for Presentation at the 5th Annual Cost Effective Sustainable Design and Construction Middle East. xD Sustainability Manager is included in a presentation to be given by our Middle East partner, Langmead Associates, at the 5th Annual Cost Effective Sustainable Design and Construction Middle East, on 22-25th May 2011 at Le Royal Meridien, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The presentation, titled "Case Study: Bahrain National Charter Monument - Understanding the value of capturing and managing building information to ensure smooth transitions and cost-effective enterprise management" showcases the holistic approach to information management over the complete facility lifecycle championed by Langmead, and the use of xD Sustainability Manager and xD Requirements Manager as key components.
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What We Do

xD Requirements ManagerxD Requirements Manager helps you to manage initial and ongoing requirements on evolving projects, which may derive from the client, architect, planning documents, or codes. It is a web-enabled collaborative requirements manager specifically tailored to the building project lifecycle. These requirements may be linked actively into our Intelligent Building Information Model, and may be continuously monitored over the full building lifecycle to minimize requirement drift. More »


xD Building ConceptualizerxD Building Conceptualizer merges 3D immersive graphics with intelligent conceptual models to help you conceptualize design solutions quickly. With built-in and user configurable business knowledge, it excels in performing situational and cost benefit analysis and exploration of alternative design scenarios, allowing optimally informed decisions at a stage in the facility lifecycle where around 70% of the total cost of a facility is decided.   More »


xD Building DesignerxD Building Designer augments your existing CAD drafting and Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools with additional data management capabilities to create a detailed design evolved from the preliminary conceptual design. The intrisic business knowledge of intelligent building models will shorten design time and better ensure design integrity.   More »


xd Building ConstructorxD Building Constructor adds timescale to its managed building information to enable construction scheduling, sequencing, and assembly logistics. It also interfaces with industry standard project management software to provide the project management functionality, together with the built-in business knowledge of intelligent building models to perform various data analysis and project simulation.  More »


xD Facility ManagerxD Building Facilitator links the semantically rich building information in the intelligent building models to real time data from asset and building management systems. Virtual walkthrough and 3D geospatial location allow advanced monitoring of infrastructure performance and proactive operations management. Significantly, these links can be established right from conceptual design phase to allow comparison to original design intent and current best practice, such as green building / sustainability assessment.   More »

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