Put Your Skills and Talents to the Test

We are searching for top talent to join us in creating the future innovations in IT and immersive 3D technology applied to the architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) markets. We are not a software outsourcing company, but mainly focused on new product development. Every members of our team have the opportunity to involve in bringing a new product from idea generation, through research and development, to commercialization. If you often have a lot of wild, innovative, and creative ideas, we want to hear from you!

We play around with technologies like computer graphics, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and business intelligence in furthering our aims. Our target is to empower you with a challenging working environment where you will be ever learning and ever improving.

Our Technologies

Will you join our team to create tomorrow's technology for the AEC markets? Take a closer look at our team and culture, as well as the cool stuffs we are working on through our recent video interview by Microsoft Innovation Center. Find out the reasons why you will find working with us fun, educational, and exciting.

The positions below are some of our immediate needs. If you are not sure how your skills might fit in, send us your cover letter and resume to jobs@objectiveworld.com. We will reply to you if we have something that fits your skills and aspirations.

Team Lead

  • You are gifted with the charisma to motivate others in order to get the job done for you.
  • You understand that a team lead is not a commander, but he is the slave of all team members.
  • You recognize the differences within each individual in a team, and you need to exploit the difference to make the team strong.
  • You like to share your wealth of knowledge, experience, and tips in software development selflessly.
  • You don't mind acting like a grandma by nagging and repeating yourself over and over again on certain things. (Just like your mother!)
  • You are not afraid to have team members that are stronger and more capable than you, and realize that this makes your job easier.

If you believe you can answer "yes" to all of them, we would like to hear from you. We like to have several small closely-knit teams, usually of around 4 to 10 people. We require you to instill leadership in one of these teams. You will explore various ways of managing and communicating with people, inspire them with your knowledge and experience, and manage their expectations in order to meet our goals.

Skills Needed

  • Various skills as required throughout the software development life-cycle, such as programming, software architecture design, debugging, testing, etc.
  • Breadth of knowledge in the programming infrastructure of Microsoft .NET.
  • Experience in some or all of computer graphics, computational geometry, artificial intelligence, and distributed computing.
  • Great personality with a "can-do" attitude. Able to communicate well, possess high credibility, and have a good sense of humor.

Optional Skills

  • Knowledge and experience in various modern software development styles and methodologies.
  • Good demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Apply now by emailing to jobs@objectiveworld.com.

Software Architect

  • You can sniff the bad "smells" in code.
  • You are aware of the indicators when code requires cleaning up.
  • You understand the appropriate design patterns for a particular recurring design problem.
  • You have a passion for overhauling software for top notch performance and scalability.
  • You understand the need for the software architecture to be understood easily by all developers, and to be extended and maintained with minimum fuss.

If you can demonstrate these characteristics, then you will be our director and mentor for our planned revolutionary software framework. Believe us, it will be a challenge, but one worth putting your technical knowledge and skills to the test.

Skills Needed

  • In-depth knowledge of the programming infrastructures under Microsoft .NET.
  • Object-oriented analysis and design.
  • Skillful in refactoring and using software design patterns.
  • Great personality with a "can-do" attitude. Able to communicate well, possess high credibility, and have a good sense of humor.

Optional Skills

  • Framework development and improvement.
  • Knowledge of various relevant software APIs, e.g. Java API, Microsoft .NET Framework, ObjectWindows Library, Microsoft Foundation Classes, Ogre 3D API, CrystalSpace 3D API, etc.

Apply now by emailing to jobs@objectiveworld.com.

Software Developer / Tester

  • Your mother tongue is C# and / or VB.NET.
  • You get so addicted to programming project that you spend hours coding without realizing the time.
  • Your family complaints that you spend way too much time "talking" to the computer.
  • You are really excited about implementation of 3D and virtual reality software.
  • You always aspire to create software that can "think" intelligently and carry out autonomous decision-making.
  • You like to explore new technologies and technical challenges that will stretch your imagination.
  • You suspect that your programming skills and talents are currently undervalued or not given room to shine.
  • You consider software testing as your side dishes, which is useful in balancing your diet in programming work.

If you think that these attributes best describe yourself, then we would like to have you onboard. You will be the mind and engine behind our software technology that is going to shake up the AEC market. Put your programming to the test as you learn about various technologies like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and distributed computing. You will be working with our software developers to make sure brilliant ideas are packaged even better. If you enjoy hunting for defects in software, we can even allow you to devote your time partially as a software tester.

Skills Needed

  • Programming experience under Microsoft .NET.
  • Object-oriented programming.
  • Database design and SQL.
  • Great personality with a "can-do" attitude. Able to communicate well, possess high credibility, and have a good sense of humor.

Optional Skills

  • Knowledge in any of computational geometry, computer graphics, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and OLAP database.
  • User interface design.
  • Various debugging techniques and testing methodologies.

Apply now by emailing to jobs@objectiveworld.com.