xD Building Conceptualizer merges 3D immersive graphics with intelligent conceptual models to help you conceptualize design solutions quickly. With built-in and user configurable business knowledge, it excels in performing situational and cost benefit analysis and exploration of alternative design scenarios, allowing optimally informed decisions at a stage in the facility lifecycle where around 80% of the total cost of a facility is decided.

xD Building Conceptualizer Screenshot #1  xD Building Conceptualizer Screenshot #2

Open QuoteThe integration of rules and behavior as part of the intelligent object will be very useful particularly in simulation, cost estimation, exploration of alternation scenarios, etc. Closing Quotewhich are essentially the major tasks during the early design stage of a building.

- Bill Kerr, Business Development Manager, Strarch Australia.


  • Support for preliminary conceptual design modeling and visualization.
  • Create and reuse standard intelligent conceptual models that are frequently used in your projects.
  • Actualize user requirements quickly with continuous monitoring against the evolving conceptual design.
  • Advanced spatial management utilizing the built-in quantitative and spatial analysis tools.
  • Integrate conceptual models with subcontractor design elements and pricing model seamlessly.
  • Fully Web-enabled to support collaboration and distributed work processes.
  • Single click to install and automatic update from the Web.
  • Fully IFC compliant to support data interchange. Also support other common industry formats such as DXF and DWG.
  • Powerful report generation tools for electronic publishing and distribution.

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