xD Building Facilitator links the semantically rich building information created in the intelligent building models to real time data from asset and building management systems. Virtual walkthrough and 3D geospatial location allow advanced monitoring of infrastructure performance and proactive operations management. Significantly, these links can be established right from conceptual design phase to allow comparison to original design intent and current best practice, such as green building / sustainability assessment.

xD Building Facilitator Screenshot #1  xD Building Facilitator Screenshot #2

Open QuoteThe rapid design tool in xD Building Facilitator allows the user to model the floor plan layout to do space planning quickly and easily without the need for experience in CAD Closing Quoteor architectural design software. Most users in the market are daunted by the complexity of CAD software.

- David Ng, Senior Manager, CWorks Systems.


  • 2D / 3D visualization of complete as-built facility information, such as physical structure, mechanical and electrical systems, furniture and equipment, to optimize facility management and maintenance.
  • Maximize space occupancy and efficiency by minimizing unneeded and wasted space so that funds can be reallocated to meet other critical needs.
  • Organize all warranty documents, work order contracts, equipment datasheets, etc. and make them easily accessible on the floor plan.
  • Natural interface for sensors and remote operation management of facilities.
  • Reduce energy consumption by monitoring facility performance through a set of preconfigured KPIs with benchmark targets and energy analysis rules.
  • Improve space planning, maintenance and retrofit process through operation simulations, such as emergency evacuation scenarios, fire simulation, crowd behavior, water flow and pressure, electrical connection, etc.
  • Fully Web-enabled to support collaboration and distributed work processes.
  • Single click to install and automatic update from the Web.
  • Fully service-oriented architecture that ensures seamless integration with existing maintenance management system.
  • Powerful report generation tools for electronic publishing and distribution.

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