xD Land Development Explorer integrates the CAD, costing, services and corporate data that are the usual outcomes of a land development design and construction process into a single easily navigable 3D environment, thereby making data easily usable by your frontline operations staffs. It gives you a straightforward display of plot configuration, services network, infrastructure and utilities. Its powerful query services allow you to obtain information quickly on single or multiple plots along with their assets. It provides you with rich interaction and visualization in both plan and true 3D view.

xD Land Development Explorer Screenshot #1  xD Land Development Explorer Screenshot #2

Open QuoteThe 3D environment of xD Land Development Explorer has significantly improved the visibility and usability of our land plot information. Land development often involves a great deal of information. xD Land Development Explorer provides us a visual interactive way of Closing Quotemanaging plot information, making relevant data available to the right people at the right time. This had effectively reduced our development time from 9 months to 6 months.

- Mr. Muhannad Al-Durrah, CEO, Bahrain Investment Wharf.


  • Provide a visually interactive way of managing plot information, and increase the visibility and usability of this information through built-in visualization technologies.
  • Obtain timely information as you (or your customers) require quickly.
  • Can be configured as a forward facing customer-centric presentation tool.
  • Fully Web-enabled solution that is accessible from anywhere through the Internet, which includes handheld devices as required by site and sales personnel.
  • Single click to install and automatic update from the Web.
  • Stay productive while travelling and get work done without Internet connection via offline mode.
  • Fully service-oriented architecture that ensures smooth integration with existing customer relationship management software.

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