xD Sustainability Manager (xDSM) is a collaborative tool for the rapid initial definition and ongoing management of the sustainability requirements and credit points associated with the project specific implementation of green building rating systems, such as LEED, Green Star, Estidama and BREEAM. xDSM shares all the power of our general purpose xD Requirements Manager and adds specific features including green building tool credit score management and knowledge management.

xD Sustainability Manager is configured to be utilized as a stand-alone tool applicable to all phases of the facility lifecycle, from initial requirements definition through concept design, detail design, construction and into facility management. Clients may utilize xDSM with their own choice of tools and processes or may take advantage of the tight coupling with other members of our xD Building Enterprise Product Suite. xDSM can integrate with xD Building Conceptualizer for active checking of requirements satisfaction against the evolving conceptual design. Coupled with xD Building Facilitator, xDSM may be used at facility management phase for integrating with the client's existing FM system and providing continuous feedback of green building rating tool conformance against the operating building.

xD Sustainability Manager Screenshot


  • Allows all stakeholders transparent access to sustainability status and “anytime” input of requirements.
  • Promotes collaborative work, team work and partnership.
  • Reduces requirements drift.
  • Maintains client alignment to reduce expensive end of project variations.
  • Input / output from/to standard formats like Excel, Word and XML.
  • Linkage to BIM models (xD Building Conceptualizer).
  • Copy and reuse of specific domain knowledge in a structured reusable form.
  • Structured output to domain specific template documents.
  • Improves project scope definition and creation of better quality consistent briefs.
  • Tight control over sustainability management and submittals.
  • Template driven output for efficient documentation.

Download details of xDSM for LEED rating tool management, or Estidama rating tool management.