xD Visualizer provides you with 3D visualization of the complex and voluminous data that is typically the result of an infrastructure design, construction and facility management process. Our visualization advantage lies in the built-in intelligent model which allows association of geometrical information with relevant attributes and domain knowledge. No longer is the data distributed between different visualization and data presentation tools, but integrated into one platform. In-depth analysis and simulation can also be carried out to provide a solution to specific problem domains.

Potential Applications:

  • Traffic simulation
  • Building information management
  • Infrastructure green building and sustainability assessment
  • Mechanical design simulation
  • Electronic design simulation
  • Urban studies
  • Transportation network optimization
  • Inventory management

xD Visualizer is a general application that melds visualization and data exploration / simulation. We can customize it into a domain specific product for you in a very cost effective manner. Contact us for a demo if you wish to explore further xD Visualizer, or the possibilities for us to create a specific product for your needs.