To complement our range of business products, we offer a range of professional engineering services to provide a complete seamless solution to fulfill your unique business needs.

Green Building and Sustainability Assessment

The Building Information Model (BIM) is a natural repository and analysis tool for the myriad variables that must be coordinated in developing a well structured assessment of building sustainability, in particular in relation to ratings systems, such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). We offer services to create the BIM models complete with necessary data and to interface to industry standard solutions for energy assessment. We can also provide analysis capabilities in energy assessment utilizing industry standard solutions.

Requirements Capture and Documentation

Requirements gathering, documentation and management is, in our opinion, the single most important aspect of project initiation. We offer services to help clients capture and document requirements from their customers, and store them in our intelligent format. Our strength lies in the fact that this format can be actively linked to the subsequent stages of the design and construction process via the intelligent building models, ensuring that you always have a complete and consistent picture to avoid requirements drift. The end result is that your client gets the project he requires.

Custom Software Development

We understand that sometimes existing solutions in the market are not able to fulfill your specific needs, or there are simply too many unnecessary features in the existing heavyweight software products. We can provide you with a cost effective purpose configured products based on our core technology – xD World Builder Framework. We ensure that you get a working solution catered to your needs in the shortest possible timeframe, whilst at the same time you are guaranteed that, with changing needs and requirements, a rational and logical upgrade path is always available. This upgrade path can either be into either our existing product suite or further client specific solutions.

Project Management

Many clients are not familiar with Building Information Modeling (BIM), but recognize the immense benefits and cost savings it can provide. Often the best approach is to trial on actual projects. We offer support for clients on project creation, management of project information and interfacing with the other software required for a complete project solution.


To maximize your investment in our products, we offer tailored and standard training courses on both our product application and also the domain specific knowledge necessary to properly assess and manipulate the data within the different phases of the facility lifecycle.